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Raving Fans


Steve Ness and his staff were great to work with. Their personal touch and regular follow up, when I had questions…you just don’t’ see that in most real estate business's. They walk a different walk, it’s not about money with them, they care about the people they help and that’s a lasting impression.

by Joseph & Andrea Pretorius

Kurt Ness experience with probate estates is why I chose him. As the personal representative of my father's estate, I had several tasks to complete which included the sale of his house and review and sale of any remaining personal property. I envisioned that the tasks would be complicated by the fact that I live in North Carolina. Ness Bros over saw the cleaning that was done and systematically liquidated the personal property and real estate using an online auction platform. Communication was excellent throughout the entire process. I was extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend their services.”

by Todd Keller

Andy Eckert went above and beyond in helping with our home search! He helped us look from land to new built homes and offered us advice every step of the way. We were very satisfied with Andy's efforts!

by Seth Hyde

J. Kyle Ness was fantastic to work with!! He responds very quickly & was always easy to get in touch with. He was quick to put any fears or concerns to rest. He truly knows the ins & outs of the business, which makes the transaction go smoothly. He always asks what you want out of a deal that way he can best serve your needs. I won't hesitate to recommend him to friends & family. I would definitely work with him again if the opportunity presents itself.

by Chad & Crystal French

We found Steve Ness to be understanding, compassionate and sincere. We had dealt with him before so when we needed someone to Sell another property, we called on him. He took away any worries or concerns that came along with any real estate. Steve is a top notch realtor and a genuinely good man.

by Brenda Walker

Kurt Ness was referred by our attorney Andrew Simmons concerning selling our father’s property. We met with Kurt and he laid out a program to offer the property for sale through an online auction. We are very pleases with the results and we have and would recommend Ness Bros to others.

by William B. McClue

Andy Eckert is knowledgeable , dedicated , experienced and knows our real estate needs, acts quickly and makes the deal happen!!! Everything. We need. Perfect...

by Paul & Debbie Abbott

J. Kyle Ness is a “go getter”. He does not play around, trying to get your home sold. We had used a couple of Realtors in the past that only wanted our listing, but did not get the results of the home selling. We were with him only 9 days and got an offer on our home with help of the Lord. So if you are looking for speed and things to get done and hear back what other people said about your home on the showings he will let you know right away. Try this man out for yourself that’s all you need to do

by S.A. Willis

Steve Ness was patient with my parents; it took about 2 years for my parents to finally agree to sell. He didn't push, that was much appreciated

by Leonard & Joann Rowley

Kurt Ness sold our home. We recently had to sell the property of our father’s estate. We had accepted an offer on the property subject to the buyers financing and a home inspection. Through the process of the home inspection, the well and septic were less than 50 ft apart and the septic did not meet Allen County current standards. That offer fell through. We contacted Ness Bros and they did an online auction and disclosed all of the above information and were able to generate $23,000 more than the first offer we had originally accepted. We’re very happy with the services we received and would highly recommend them.

by Nicholas & Alexander Hunnicutt

Andy Eckert helped during our corporate relocation in buying and selling our properties. Great communication throughout the entire process and staff were amazing. Willingness to be available when we were in town on specific weekends for house hunting made the relocation go smooth. We have used him 3 times and would use him again.

by Rod Woodman

J. Kyle Ness sold our home when our home didn’t sell with the first agent. We were so stressed and when we got letter “Promises Made, Promises Kept” we weren’t sure, but after we met with Kyle we knew right away that we had a different kind of agent working for us. We had regular updates and the communication was great!

by Cory & Jess Showalter